Kick back, relax, and angle the shit out of your Steam Deck. Unlimited angle adjustability, to a point of course. (0 to 120 degrees)

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Dubbed the “Lamborghini of Kickstands” the easily swappable, Mechanism Kickstand offers unlimited angle adjustability, to a point of course. (0 to 120 degrees). Rest your wrists, play with a controller, or safely prop on any surface.

Compatible with the Deckmate Grip, Allymate Grip, and Adhesive Adapters.


Dimensions- 31mm x 80mm x 17mm 
Weight- 0.9 ounces
Material- High Impact Poly-carbonate
Stainless steel friction hinge

Kickstand Specifications

Note: This listing is for a kickstand only! If you only buy this, it won’t have anything to attach it to.