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Hello! If you found yourself here because we made your gamer's wish list let us introduce ourselves. We are Mechanism, a small (only 3 people!) company in Portland, OR, and we make kickstands and wall mounts for those new video game devices with the large screens.

Unfortunately they are as heavy as they look and yes your gamer's wrists are probably numb from playing for hours, but believe us it's completely worth it.

  • Does it look like this? This is called a Steam Deck. Proceed to step 2a.

  • How about this one? This one is called the ROG Ally. Proceed to step 2b.

  • Something else? To show a couple: the Legion Go and the Nintendo Switch. Proceed to step 2c.

  • Don't know? We get it, and that's completely ok! Proceed to step 3.

Step 2a: They own a Steam Deck!

Our product line for the Steam Deck is called the Deckmate. We offer a bunch of different bundles, but these three are our absolute bestsellers. If you want to explore more of our bundles, click here!

Step 2b: It's a... ROG Ally!

It's definitely not a boy or a girl, but a fine selection nonetheless. Luckily we make the Allymate that cradles their console better than a baby's bottom. Wait that's not how that saying goes. These are our bestsellers, so you can't really go wrong with them!

Click here for all options

Step 2c: The Catch-All

There's some devices that we haven't been able to design for, so for everything else, there's Mastercard. Ermmm I mean the Universal Bundle. If your person has a device not listed here, or uses a case on their Deck or Ally, pick this one!

Step 3: The better Catch-All?

If even after reading all the steps here your answer is unclear, or you skipped all the way here, just let them decide. Yes, a gift card isn't the sexiest thing to gift, but this is way more niche than that Chili's gift card you were debating. Nothing is cooler than gifting full agency over one's gaming setup!