Deckmate Rebrand

"I'm used to seeing Deckmate, what gives?!"

After a bit of soul searching (internally only of course), we've decided to rebrand the entire company to "Mechanism" and accompany it with a cool new spring logo:



With the release of a brand new product line, the Allymate, we have outgrown the Deckmate name. It still lives on of course, but now it will be used for products released that are specifically tailored to the Steam Deck. This means we are no longer pigeon-holed into offering products only for the Steam Deck.

Why is this important? Well, our vision for Mechanism is pretty simple: to make the best shit we can make for gamers. As gamers ourselves, we want to improve the lives of our friends as they play. This means making the highest quality products, but more importantly, solve video gaming problems that others don't even know or care about.

We want everything to be modular, expandable, and interconnected. We want it to work on all our devices across the board. We will design, modify, and tinker until we reach perfection.

The biggest ethos we adhere to: if it annoys us, we will fix it. No squeaky wheels.

We are extremely DIY focused. No matter how much time we spend designing, it's a certainty that we missed some unique edge cases. Because of this, we will always offer the files for free to anyone who wants them. We encourage you to take these files and redesign them to solve your own unique problem.

You are the reason I am here and able to design and do things that I love. Thank you for being with me on this journey. Heck, thank you for enabling this journey. There's tons of stuff coming in the next few months. New mounts, new accessories, a new website, and new grips for more devices. I am able to do this because of you, so sincerely, from the bottom of my heart: Thank you. Sappiness over.

- Siri