Switchmate Grip

Switchmate Grip

The Switch finally gets the Mechanism treatment

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Since the dawn of time, there have always been early adopters. Then there are the Mainstreamers. Finally, the sunsetters. That is us. We sunset.

The perfect Switch grip has finally arrived. We’re only about a decade too late to the Switch accessory game.

Just on the heels of the swirling rumors of a Switch 2, comes the ultimate Switch 1 accessory that no one knew they needed but always wanted.

A) Holds 4 games, with a very satisfying click.

B) Included compatible inserts for both the Nintendo Switch OLED and LCD.

C) Use all of our Mechanism mounts on the Nintendo switch! And a locking latch makes sure that shit don't go no where. 

D) The perfectly shaped grips provide hours of ergonomic play! (Not pictured above, but shown in many other images on this page!)

What's Included

  • Switchmate Grip
  • OLED Rubber Inserts
  • LCD Rubber Inserts


Switchmate Grip
Dimensions- 251mm x 109mm x 32mm
Weight- 3.3 ounces
Material- High Impact Poly-carbonate